What are we talking about when we talk about God? What does it mean to communicate God in a world so disconnected and disillusioned from the God scripture communicates? What does "good news" mean for the world?

These are questions Paul tries to answer throughout his missionary journeys into the Roman world -- sometimes with success, others times not. And these are questions we're still asking and trying to answer today.

As we continue in the book of Acts, we come to Act III: GodSpeak. This series will focus on Paul's missionary journeys throughout the Roman world and how learn how to speak about God from scratch -- even as modern people 2,000 years later.

Cyprus: Straight Paths in Crooked

Acts 13:1-12

As we start our new series in Acts, GodSpeak, we find Paul and Barnabas are journeying into an unknown world where people don't have reference points to Paul and Barabas' God. This means they have to start finding creative ways to talk about God and the saving reality of Jesus.

Listen in as we unpack their journey to Cyprus and ask what it means to provide straight paths for others to see God, even if we're a crooked stick.

Antioch in Pisidia: Gospelizin'

Acts 13:13-52

The story of Jesus is big...like REALLY big. And if it's that big and important and life-changing, why do we attempt to boil it down to a few antidotes, or worse -- a TRACT?! (shudders)

Listen in as we unpack this story in Acts and explore what it means to talk about this good news of Jesus (the gospel!) in a way this world can relate to and receive.