Being human is hard. We wake up every day to our limitations and possibilities, our bad decisions and our glorious potential. We’re not God but we’re made in his image. We’re not big but we’re a big deal. And it’s with this every human finds the tension of life -- wanting to be who they’re made to be, yet overreaching or sabotaging who they’re never meant to be.

In this sermon series we’ll look the first eleven chapters of Genesis and find a message that tells us about our brokenness and glory, our frailty and beauty.


Genesis 1:26 - 2:9

In this introduction we begin to uncover what it looks like to live fully as human beings and we discover that we all have the ability to be living glories or living horrors to those around us.

The Problem Of Presence

Genesis 3:1-13

In Genesis 3, we see a tragic story of humanity’s potential for ruin. In the midst of tragedy, however, there’s much grace and hope packed into these verses.

Restless Wanderers

Genesis 4:1-16

The story of Cain and Abel is not a story about sibling rivalry -- it's a story of what it means to stand before God and live in his presence. To do this is to find fullness and purpose for our lives. To not do this is to live as restless wanderers, always looking for home.

Boxed In

Genesis 6:5-22

For many, Noah's Ark is an old tale of someone escaping the mass destruction of a flood, but that's not the whole story. Noah and the flood is a story about what it means to re-learn God's purpose for humanity, as we live this a box.

The Search for Significance

Genesis 11:1-9

The first eleven chapters of the Bible give us a blueprint for humanity, a field guide for what it means to be human. In Genesis 11, we see a story about humans overreaching, trying to be more than enough. This is a struggle that isn’t unique to these ancient people. As we’ll see, this story has a lot to teach us today.

Training The Twelve

In Luke 9 we see a framework for discipleship. As we examine the twelve disciples journey through the school of discipleship with Jesus, we find out where we are on this discipleship journey that culminates in seeing more of Jesus as the Christ. Join us as we learn from our very special guest, Jeff Schulte.