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We conduct background checks for all Christ City Kids team members. Do you have any reason to believe such a background check would disclose any information that would suggest you should not serve in this ministry? *
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Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense (felony or misdemeanor)? Are there any charges currently pending against you? *
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Code of Ethics
I desire to model Christ-likeness in all my behavior, especially as I serve in ministry to children and youth at Christ City Church. I aim to demonstrate my love for Jesus, my gratitude for His grace and forgiveness, and testify to the power of the Holy Spirit working in my life. *
I desire to demonstrate respect, loyalty, patience, courtesy, and maturity. *
I will treat children of all races, religions, and cultures with respect and consideration. *
I will not abuse children/youth, in any way, including but not limited to: physical abuse (e.g. strike, shake, slap); verbal/mental abuse (e.g. humiliate, degrade, threaten); sexual abuse (e.g. inappropriate touch or exposure). *
I will not use or tolerate profanity in the presence of children. *
I will not possess or use illegal drugs. I will not possess or use alcohol or tobacco in the context of ministry. *
I recognize that as a condition to my service, a background check will be made and a criminal history check may be conducted, and I willingly consent to all such checks. *
I understand that if I have questions about this Code of Ethics, or any church policies, or any aspect of my service with Christ City Church, I will contact the Pastor or Children’s Director for clarification and guidance. *
I agree to support the ministry, vision, and values of Christ City Church. *
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