Fall 2016 Christ City Studies

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Christ City Study for Men: The life of Abraham

Leaders: Logan Mosley and Jamin Carter

Location: STEAM Academy

Time: Sunday mornings at 8:30am for 4 consecutive weeks beginning October 23. 

As Christians, we have a long and epic history. A history full of men with great faith and great failures. Join us as we take 4 weeks to study the life of the man who is at the very start of that great story: Abraham.

Christ City Study for Married Couples: Life & Marriage

Leader: Chris and Stephan Rowland

Location: The Rowlands home 

Time: Every other Sunday afternoon beginning September 18 for 11 weeks. (Space Limited)

Christ City Study for Women: The Book of Ruth

Leader: Ashley McIntosh

Location: STEAM Academy Teacher's Lounge

Time: Sunday mornings at 8:30am beginning October 23 for 4 consecutive weeks.


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