Genesis 35:1-15

Jacob spent his life missing out on his purpose because he could face his past. Listen in as we conclude our look at Jacob's life, and in turn find what it means to face the this mess we call our lives, and in turn find our true name.

Broken Name

Nov 20,2016

Pastor Robyn Abedi


November 13, 2016

Pastor Drew Haltom

Genesis 33

As we journey through our story of Jacob, we see in Genesis 33 an encounter between Jacob and his estranged brother Esau. But when he meets Esau, Jacob gets a surprise: Esau doesn't try to kill him. He's had a change of heart. Esau extends grace. Today we will see that broken relationships are actually the soil for transformation to blossom.

Genesis 32

You say you feel overwhelmed with guilt and a sense of unworthiness? Well, indeed you cannot be too aware of the evils inside of yourself, but you may be, indeed you are, improperly controlled and affected by them. You say it is hard to understand how a holy God could accept such an awful person as yourself. You then express not only a low opinion of yourself, which is right, but also too low and opinion of the person, work, and promises of the redeemer, which is wrong. You complain about sin, but when I look at your complaints, they are so full of self-righteousness, unbelief, pride, and impatience that they are little better than the worst evils you complain of." -John Newton, The Works of the Rev. John Newton


November 6, 2016

Pastor Jonathan McIntosh

Genesis 29:31-30:13

We're all giving all birth to something - whether its's an actual child, or a new business idea. Yet, we are often unaware of why create and produce... what motivates us? Often we are compelled to create out of a need to grasp for something we see in the lives of others. In this sermon, as we examine the story of Jacob's wives, we see what can free us from a life of grasping and manipulation: praise.


October 30, 2016

Pastor Jonathan McIntosh

Genesis 29:16-30

Jacob was a man who spent much of his life running from his brokenness. Because of that, he took his brokenness into all of his relationships -- including his marriage. Listen in as we take an honest look at the frailty of marriage and the God who's willing to meet us in those marriages.


October 23, 2016

Pastor Robbyn Abedi


October 16, 2016

Pastor Jonathan McIntosh

Genesis 28:10-22

Often people turn to God because belief in a deity brings comfort in hard times. Sometimes we think serving a deity will grant us entrance into the truly "blessed" life. Jacob- now a man on the run because of his deceit and duplicity- has an encounter with the Divine presence. God comes to him and offers him blessing. But Jacob, instead of surrendering himself to God, tries to use religion in order to manipulate God. In this sermon, we examine all the ways that religion can get in the way of an authentic encounter with God.


October 2, 2016

Pastor Robbyn Abedi


Genesis 25:19-34

In this sermon we look at the beginnings of a man named Jacob. Jacob's name meant "heel grabber" -- someone who was always grasping for life, even if it meant other's suffering. Join us as we look at Jacob's brokenness, how our own stories mirror his, and what it means to lean into Jesus in the midst of this reality.