To hope well means we have to wait well. And waiting is difficult. As followers of Jesus, we're asked to live with an active waiting even when it seems God's presence is dim and distant. Listen in to this sermon as we ask the question "What does it mean to wait well, as we keep hope?" 

Anna: The Wait in Hope

Luke 2:36-38

Pastor Robbyn Abedi

December 18, 2016

This week we take a look at Simeon to see the incredible story of all of his hopes coming true. In Simeon's story we learn more about the solid hope that we can have as we wait for Jesus this Advent season.

Simeon: Hope Fulfilled

Luke 2:25-35

Pastor Drew Haltom

December 11, 2016

How do we live with disappointment when life doesn't turn out the way that we hoped and expected? In this sermon, we look at the encounter Mary has with the angel Gabriel and her response to the news that she will give birth to the Son of the Most High. Through her story of submission to this alarming and surprising news, we learn what it looks like to hold on to hope and yet submit to God's way even when we're filled with doubts.

Mary: Hope and Submission

Luke 1:26-37

Pastor Jonathan McIntosh

December 4, 2016


In this advent sermon series, May You Find a Light, we discover what it means to live with longing as we look at four people who lived with longing for God to bring the redemption he promised to Israel. In this sermon, we look at Zechariah and his understandable cynicism after meeting an angel and see how lean into hope in the middle of a cynical age.

Zechariah: Hope and Cynicism

Pastor Jonathan McIntosh

November 27, 2016