What does it mean to live a flourishing life? How do you live in such a way that inspires the imagination of a world looking for hope? These are the kind of questions and more Jesus answers in his Sermon on the Mount. In this 12 part series, we'll seek to discover all the riches we can in listening to and applying what Jesus teaches in these verses, and, in turn, help bring healing to a world that hurts. Join us as we continue the "Path of Jesus pt. 2" and the Sermon on the Mount.

A Better Righteousness

Matthew 5:17-20


A giant portion of the Bible is filled with rules, and we find more rules in the Sermon on the Mount. How do we interact with the Law in light of Jesus? Are these laws merely arbitrary, antiquated rules? Or is their purpose simply to show us how bad we are and how much we need Jesus? What if there's something more? And what if there's something more that can inspire the imagination of the entire world? 

Don't Get Mad, Get Even.

Matthew 5:21-26

"It's not like I killed somebody!" If you’ve ever said a phrase like this in order to justify your actions Jesus might disagree with you. He says anger, rage and contempt are as dangerous as murder. How do we deal with this revelation? Is there such a thing as righteous anger? When and how much responsibility should I take for being at peace with others? Instead of appeasing our self-righteousness with more rules to follow Jesus takes us to the heart of the matter.

 What's L̶o̶v̶e̶ Lust Got To Do With It?

Matthew 5:27-30

Jesus is calling humanity to a higher standard of living by insisting that until a person deals with matters of the heart (the cause), you'll always deal with your character defects with extreme measures (the symptom). And when Christians try to deal with matters of the heart with sheer force it leaves us looking ridiculous to the world and offers a bottom shelf ethic that is neither compelling or helpful. 

Listen in as we continue our journey through the Sermon on the Mount and seek for a higher ethic and inspiration through Jesus's teachings.