The Poor In Spirit

Matthew 5:1-12

The Beatitudes are considered some of the most prolific and timeless thoughts ever taught. Theologians and philosophers have spent centuries trying to understand and mine out all the wisdom in them, yet for Jesus, the Beatitudes were more than wise words -- they were snapshot of God's Kingdom and what it means to follow after Him. Listen in as we begin to look at these timeless truths and what it means for us as we walk in the path of Jesus. 

New Heaven & New Earth

Revelation 21:1-5

There's a lot of confusion about the end-times and what happens when you die. Unlike the stories we find in best-selling novels, what we encounter in the Bible isn't a story of God destroying the world and snatching a few people away to spend all of eternity playing harps on clouds in the sky. Instead, the story we find in the Bible is rich and deep and compelling. And it can change the way you live now. Listen in to find new hope, purpose, and passion for your life right now.

The Church

1 Peter 2:4-12

"What is the Church?" Being in the South, we all have perspectives and opinions we've formed through our experiences in church. For may of us, those experiences have been negative, at worst, or indifferent, at best. But regardless of what we think, the scriptures tell us the Church is God's "treasured people" and a "prized possession." So, "what is the Church?" and "what does it mean to be the Church?" Join us as we explore this and more.

The Trinity

Genesis 1:13, John 1:1-3

Today is Trinity Sunday, and we're continuing through our series in the Apostles' Creed. Over the last few weeks we've looked at God as Creator and our Father, at Jesus as our Lord and both fully divine and fully human, and at the Holy Spirit empowering and comforting and convicting followers of Jesus. Three Persons, yet one God. 

The Holy Spirit

Acts 1:9-13, 2:1-12

For many, the Holy Spirit is the part of the Trinity we either scoff at or try to exploit; for the rest, simply a part of the Trinity not worth learning more about. Yet, the Bible teaches this person of the Trinity plays the most pivotal role in our lives in regards to growing and living an impactful life. Listen in as we explore the role of the Spirit in our lives.