Day 5 Prayer Guide: The Levitt Shell Service

In less than 24 hours, our leaders will be descending on Levitt Shell to prepare for our 3rd Anniversary celebration.

Take time to pray today.

1. Pray for a supernatural outpouring of the Holy Spirit. 

The Holy Spirit is the “promise” of the Father, and we need his work, presence and vitality in our lives more than we realize. We need him and God’s heart as a father is to "give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him” (Luke 11:13). So ask him!

-Pray for a palable sense of God’s presence as people gather, sing, listen to the sermon, watch baptisms, and take communion.
-Pray that people would encounter the living God in unexpected ways.
-Pray that people would feel unexpectedly drawn to Overton Park and to the Shell that morning.

2. Pray for Gospel Renewal.
Our goal every Sunday is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus in song, sermon, and sacrament. Pray that people are given eyes to see and ears to hear.

-Pray for people to be authentically converted as they hear the gospel and see it at work.
-Pray that “sleepy” Christians would wake up to the reality of their sin, the brilliance of God’s holiness, and the absolute wonder of God’s grace found Jesus’ finished work on their behalf.
-Pray for people to be set free from the sin, lies, and addictions that hold them in bondage.

3. Pray for the details.
God cares about the details, and it is often the little things that cause leaders the most frustration or anxiety.
-Pray that the weather holds and it’s a beautiful day.
-Pray for the musicians, the sound setup, and all the prep that has to go into music and sound.
-Pray for me (Jonathan) as I prepare to preach.
-Pray that other details (from bathrooms being open, to the baptismal being prepared, to enough food being ready in time) would be executed without a hitch.


Can I say that I am excited? I hope you are too. Come tomorrow expectant to meet the risen and living Christ!