Parables were the oldest form of story telling in the ancient world because they could address the issues of the time in a creative way that spoke to a persons's heart. Knowing this, Jesus used parables as the main way to communicate his vision and values of what a world could look like surrendered and restored under the reign of God. 

In our new series, The Parables of Jesus, we’ll spend time examining eight different parables, and the significance not only to Jesus’s audience, but to us as well. 

"Punching the Clock" in the Kingdom of Heaven

Matthew 20:1-16

Many times we want fairness when it benefits us and aren't that concerned if it doesn't. How does Jesus describe what fairness looks like in the Kingdom of Heaven? Who goes first? Who gets more? Who misses out? Jesus' answer might surprise us and give us hope.


A Rooted Kingdom

Mark 4:30-32

This week we look at a kingdom parable, a metaphor Jesus uses to fill our imagination with truth about the kingdom of God so that we can live as kingdom-shaped people in the world. We see that the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed, which sounds like a strange thing to say, and it is! As we'll see, it was surprising to Jesus's original listeners, and it's just as surprising (and challenging) today. Listen in to hear what it means to live in the way of Jesus, and how following in the way of Jesus is so opposed to the ways of our world.

A Flexible Container

Luke 5:36-38

If you think of your spiritual life as a container to hold your beliefs, practices, feelings and doubts what would it look like? Listen in as we explore the shape and form of that container for a follower of Jesus.

Stepping into Desire

Matthew 13:44-46

When we read about Jesus and what he had to say something awakens in us, stirs us, moves us. That thing is desire. Desire is a dangerous thing because it compels us to "go for it" even if it costs us more than we were willing to give up. Listen in as we continue our series on parables and look at two that show us what it means to step into desire.



Luke 14:12-24

We all struggle with FOMO -- the fear of missing out on something special and significant. That's not just a 21st century thing, but an ancient fear, too. Listen in as we talk about FOMOG -- the fear of missing out on God, and how we can learn to jump into God moments when we come across them and not miss out.


Posture of Prayer

Luke 18:1-8

Prayer is hard. Many of us have prayer lives that are nonexistent. The rest of us have prayer lives that are inconsistent. In the parable of the persistent widow, Jesus offers deep comfort and teaches a necessary posture to cultivate in order to enjoy a rich, deep, robust, prayerful relationship with God.


Wait // Watch

Luke 12: 35-48

As we end our series on parables, we come to one that is frightening and challenging. The wait for our King's return is a serious matter, and something we cannot take lightly. Join us as we talk about what it means to wait and watch well until Jesus returns.