Many things can be difficult to wrap our minds around, but probably nothing as difficult as a human coming back to life from the dead. And although it seems more palatable for Christians today, we live on the far side of history in relation to Jesus resurrecting form the dead. 

That said, think about the shock and myriad of questions those closest to Jesus must have experienced and thought while trying to reconcile what that event and reality meant for them.

In our new series, "The Resurrection of Jesus," we'll follow five different events that happen in Luke's narrative of the resurrection, and we'll see people trying to wrap their minds around a human coming back from the dead, all the while wrestling with the question, "What does this event and reality mean for us today?"


Looking for Life in Dead Places

Luke 24:1-8

He is risen! And that means there's life for anyone in need when they come to Jesus. So why do we instead keep looking for life in dead places? Listen in as we celebrate Easter and ponder the angel's question: why are you looking for the living among the dead?


Empowering the Powerless

Luke 24:9-12

Jesus's resurrection means new creation is bursting forth into the world. And the first implication of the resurrection that we see in Luke's telling of the story is a radical reversal of the values of the first-century world. Suddenly, those who were viewed as voiceless are given a strong voice. Those who were viewed as powerless are given important power. Listen in as we unpack the strange presence of women at the empty tomb of Jesus and discover implications for our own day.

Clarity in Confusion

Luke 24:13-35

Death is scary and talk of resurrection brings questions and uncertainty. Imagine the confusion of Jesus' followers after his death hearing reports that Jesus' tomb was found empty and some had seen angels proclaiming He had risen. "Could it be that something we thought impossible might have occurred?" A challenge to our perception of reality accompanied the resurrection of Jesus and, for many, it still does today. When God does something we think impossible or even unlikely we can feel confused and afraid but the resurrection can give us the courage not to avoid these situations but to understand it as a path leading to clarity. 

Too Good To Be True

Luke 24:36-49

What do you do when a man who was dead three days ago is standing in front of you, fully alive, and pointing you to a new reality in how see and interact with the world? That is what the disciples are faced with in this passage...and so are we.

Listen in as we attempt to unpack the bigness and meaning of this passage and see what it means for us.


Coming Home

Luke 24:50-53

Jesus has ascended to heaven and the disciples return to the temple in Jerusalem. In these few verses, we see God's ultimate hope for his people. We see a group of people desperate to be with their God and a God eager to welcome them home. Listen in as we explore the conclusion to Luke's gospel account.