Facing Life Together

Acts 27:1-26, 37

As we come to our final sermon of an year long journey through the book of Acts, we come to Paul sailing to Rome. Met with violent storms and on a boat with people who’ve seemingly been his enemies, we find Paul and company learning to trust in one another and God.

Listen in as we unpack what it means to do life together not only with those who we find commonality and comfort with, but differences, too.

Facing Potential

Acts 26:1-32

Have you ever found yourself in a season of life where you just felt stuck? Maybe you were trying to make good, godly life decisions but found it only lead to more misery.

If so, you can relate to Paul.

Listen in as we unpack what it was like for Paul to be in prison, and how God used him for great things in the midst of hard times.

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Facing Privilege

Acts 22:22-29

Paul does something very interesting in this week's text: he acknowledges and even uses to his advantage his privilege as a Roman citizen. This story presents an opportunity for us to take a larger cultural conversation about privilege a step further. Listen in as we unpack privilege and look to Paul and Jesus as guides to help us reflect on this important question: what do you do with the privilege(s) you have or don't have in society?

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Facing Religiosity

Acts 21:26-36

As we continue our series called “Facing Life,” we follow Paul back to Jerusalem where he’s faced with the religiosity he once championed: a harsh system that decided who was in and who was out.

For anyone who grew up in church, the chances of us relating to that kind of religious system is more common than we may realize.

Listen in as we unpack the difference between having religion and religiosity, and the necessary journey we all must go on if we want to find a more substantial relationship with God.

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Facing Limits

Acts 21:1-14

We live in a culture that tells us we can do anything and have anything. This message, and its effects, are counter to the Kingdom of God and practical reality. All of our decisions have consequences and we are, in truth, a small part of a greater whole. When we cultivate a sober understanding of our limitations we have a shot of achieving the potential God has for us. Listen in as we face our limits.

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