Troas: He's Alive!

Acts 20:7-12

This week we encounter a bizarre story! In the midst of Paul preaching a long sermon (very long!), a young man named Eutychus (which means "lucky," by the way) dozes off and falls from a third-story window to his death only to be restored to life by Paul a few moments later. It's a fascinating (and mildly comical!) story, but is there anything that it has to say to us today? You'd be surprised at the transformative message in this story for you, so listen closely to see what God might have in store.

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Ephesus: Riots, Rage, and Religion

Acts 19:20-41

Things are heating up for Paul and the other early followers of Jesus as the story of Acts progresses. This week we encounter a dangerous riot opposing the message and activity of Paul and his friends. We learn an important reality: the kingdom of God necessarily confronts and challenges kingdoms of this world. But the way that confrontation and challenge happens with Paul and other early followers of Jesus might surprise you and have a lot to teach you.

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Ephesus: The Vulnerable Leader

Acts 20:17-38 (MSG)

As we recognize and install new elders this Sunday at Christ City Church, we look to the pattern that Paul had set for the Elders of Ephesus. The life Paul lived and calls these elders into is a life of vulnerability, a life of heartache and hardship, and a life of care for self and others.

Listen in as we look at this and more, and continue in our series on GodSpeak pt2.

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Antioch: Giving and Getting

Acts 18:18-28

Sometimes it can be hard to know when to give and when to receive. In fact many of us have been taught that it is a virtue to give all of ourselves away and then end up burnt out and resentful. Others of us expect (often unconsciously) to constantly receive- judging everything by how much it entertains us or reaffirms what we already think. What if neither position is a mature response to the Christian life? Listen in to hear about another path.

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Corinth: Someone Is On Your Side

Acts 18:1-17

Have you ever felt done? Like, you try and keep trying, but feel life is against you and NOTHING works out? 

Probably so. 

In this passage, we find Paul in a similar spot. He has stepped out on faith to follow God and preach the good news of the Christ, but everywhere he turns he encounters backlash, hardships, and simply "life not working." But there's a deeper truth God has for Paul, and for us, in those moments.

Listen in as we unpack this story and discover what it means that God is with us...and there’s someone, somewhere on our side.

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Athens, Pt. II: God In Culture

Acts 17:16-34

Have you ever experienced something that so dramatically shifted your perspective about life that it made it difficult to relate to the people around you? The apostle Paul did. As we continue to explore Paul's encounter with Athenian thinkers we find the meeting of two different world views- Is the divine a separate and abstract idea or has it walked among us, spoken and acted? In essence- "Is God near?" The answer to that question can, and has, shifted our understanding of reality as we know it. Listen in to engage the conversation. 

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Athens, Pt. I: God In Culture

Acts 17:16-34

This week we encounter Paul as a tourist in Athens right before his famous Mars Hill sermon. But Paul isn't on vacation, checked out and taking it easy. Instead, he's dialed in, choosing presence and engaging culture. Listen in as we seek  to learn from the Apostle Paul about how we as modern people can live as followers of Jesus in our complex cultural landscape.

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Berea: Check It Out

Acts 17:10-15

You ever hear something that sounds so good you just can't help but believe it without checking up on the sources? Of course! Haven't we all? But when Paul and his crew encounter a group of Jews called the Bereans he finds they have a more thoughtful approach to his good sounding news. They receive Paul's messages about Jesus the Christ with eagerness but they also look to the scriptures to see if they can find a basis to accept his good news. Listen in as we learn to think like a Berean.

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Thessalonika: Turning the World Upside Down

Acts 17:1-9

Paul's opponents accuse him in Acts 17 of "turning the world upside down." Their statement is loaded with irony, and Paul would likely agree with them! Paul might suggest that the world is being turned "right side up" through King Jesus. But would people say the same thing about Christians today? Are we turning the world "right side up"? If not, why? What if it's because the message we're proclaiming and living is subtly different than the message Paul was proclaiming and living? A subtle difference can have massive implications! Listen in as we explore... 

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