Athens, Pt. I: God In Culture

Acts 17:16-34

This week we encounter Paul as a tourist in Athens right before his famous Mars Hill sermon. But Paul isn't on vacation, checked out and taking it easy. Instead, he's dialed in, choosing presence and engaging culture. Listen in as we seek  to learn from the Apostle Paul about how we as modern people can live as followers of Jesus in our complex cultural landscape.

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Berea: Check It Out

Acts 17:10-15

You ever hear something that sounds so good you just can't help but believe it without checking up on the sources? Of course! Haven't we all? But when Paul and his crew encounter a group of Jews called the Bereans he finds they have a more thoughtful approach to his good sounding news. They receive Paul's messages about Jesus the Christ with eagerness but they also look to the scriptures to see if they can find a basis to accept his good news. Listen in as we learn to think like a Berean.

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Thessalonika: Turning the World Upside Down

Acts 17:1-9

Paul's opponents accuse him in Acts 17 of "turning the world upside down." Their statement is loaded with irony, and Paul would likely agree with them! Paul might suggest that the world is being turned "right side up" through King Jesus. But would people say the same thing about Christians today? Are we turning the world "right side up"? If not, why? What if it's because the message we're proclaiming and living is subtly different than the message Paul was proclaiming and living? A subtle difference can have massive implications! Listen in as we explore... 

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