Jerusalem II: It Seems Good To Us

Acts 15:22-35

For many of us, the Bible was taught as a book with all the answers to life. We like the idea of being able to turn to specific chapter and verses to get answers to succor us. But what do you do when the Bible doesn't answer the questions you're asking? And what if the Scriptures weren't meant to always give us strait-up answers, but instead a model -- a  container -- into which we put our questions and wrestling things out?

That's what we find in Acts 15: people living in tension with the questions long enough to discern something new and beautiful God was about in the world. And in an age of identity politics, outrage culture and shallow religiosity, people are looking for better spaces to take their questions and discern better solutions with people not like them, even if it means living in the tension with the questions longer than you want.