The Courage to Be

Acts 7:44-60

What does it mean to confront and speak truth in the midst of scarce and challenging moments? What does it cost us to show up and simply “be” by calling out the lies of our time?

These are big questions Stephen is facing down in this passage, yet they’re not just for Stephen, but us, too. 

The Courage To Participate

Acts 6:1-15

As we continue looking at the story of the early church, we see an important shift happen in Acts 6: the early followers of Jesus begin the movement from organic to organized. This spontaneous bunch of Jesus followers begin empowering leaders, and more and more people move from consumers to participants. This story is filled with surprises and important significance for followers of Jesus today. 

The Courage to Obey

Acts 5:12-33

Following Jesus and obeying his commands can be hard. Just read the book of Acts! Time and again, followers of Jesus are asked to do some very difficult things, yet they willingly do it each and every time. 

Listen in as we seek to unpack what it means to have courage to obey God, even when it means experiencing hardship and pain.

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A Generous Reality

Living generously is easier said than done. Many of us like the idea of meeting the needs of those around us but few of us count the cost of meeting those needs.

In this message we'll look at how generosity was a staple, a calling card, of the early church that was used to change the world and how people could learn to treat one another. Listen in and join the discussion of what this meant and how we can learn to live in a generous reality, together.

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Becoming Kairos Moments

The book of Acts are filled with stories of ordinary people realizing the significance of the moments at hand and not wasting them. And because of that, those ordinary people did extraordinary things that brought refreshment into people's lives.

Listen in as we talk about how we can step into those kairos moments and not miss out on becoming a refreshing presence to our world.

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The Goose Is Loose

Throughout Scripture nothing is as intriguing or confounding as the Holy Spirit. There are whispers of it in from the Prophets, promises of it from Jesus, and the wild reality of it in Acts 2. 

Listen in as we unpack what Celtic Christians called the Wild Goose, and discover the kind of life we can find when we go chasing after the Holy Spirit. 

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Living In A What-If World

Generate cloud computing so that as an end result, we use best practice. Leverage brand pillars yet innovate. Considering user stories so that we think outside the box. Synchronise bleeding edge while remembering to build ROI. Synchronising growth hacking with the possibility to use best practice.

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