Create Beauty


We desire to be a people who engage the world with thoughtfulness and intentionality, and leave the world better than when we found it (Genesis 2:15; Numbers 35:33). Paul tells us in Ephesians we are God’s craft (Eph 2:10). People of craft are those who seek to make things not simply utilitarian, but beautiful. People of craft and beauty seek to make craft and beauty in everything they do.


Putting it into practice

Check out this sermon on creating beauty.

Here are some practices to help you create beauty this week:

  1. Consider some upcoming things on your to-do list. Choose one that you would normally hurry through. How could you add beauty to this process?

  2. If you are getting ready to do some yard work ask your garden supply center about natural and non chemical based products for your needs.

  3. Go out of your way to think of a compliment for someone you work with that shows you see them. Put it in a handwritten note or tell them face to face. No email.

  4. Read a Psalm out loud.

  5. If you have an old hobby dedicate some time to working on it instead of watching TV or scrolling on your phone.

  6. Plan an event with family and friends that is focused on the creation of something beautiful like planting a garden, cooking a meal, hanging pictures of children’s artwork, or drawing a sidewalk chalk picture.

  7. Go out of your way to watch the sunset or sunrise. Leave your phone in the house or the car. Creating beauty is easier when we take time to appreciate it.