Embrace Diversity


Christ City seeks to be a church where all people of all backgrounds can find common ground around the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ (Gal 3:28; Acts 17:26-27; Ezk 47:22). All people and their stories matter, especially those whose stories have been muted and marginalized. We desire to be the kind of people who open our eyes, our hearts, and our doors to those who are looking for a place to belong and know God.


Putting it into practice

Check out this sermon on embracing diversity.

Embracing diversity means putting forth an intentional effort to learn from, listen to, and build relationships with those who are different than you. Here are some tangible exercises to help you embrace diversity. Pick one or two that you can give attention to this week.

  • Read books that open your eyes to other points of view or experiences. See Recommended Resources below.

  • Spend ten minutes thinking about a person you know of a different ethnicity. Ask yourself questions about what life is like for them. 

  • Examine the relationships in your life. Are your friendships homogenous? If so, consider how you might build relationships with people who are not like you.

  • Eat at a minority-owned restaurant.

  • Buy products from minority-owned businesses as much as possible.

  • Watch a movie from directed or written by a person of color.

  • Visit the National Civil Rights Museum to immerse yourself in our city’s history. Take time afterwards to reflect on your experience.

  • Reflect on how Jesus was a minority in a system that didn’t work in his favor.