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Rabbit Hole: How the Bible Actually Works w/Pete Enns.

The Bible is complicated. We can all agree.

But that’s where our agreement probably ends, depending on how you were taught the Bible.

For many, the Bible is straightforward. It tells us how to live and where we fail. It tells us how to get saved and how to live a different life.

For others, the Bible is an ancient document meant to be studied and observed, that may or may not be taken as a path for real life.

And then there are those who see the Bible as something dangerous. Something used by people in power to wield abuse upon others.

So whether you're a Christian or an atheist or a person of another religion, the Bible is a big deal.

So what do we do with so many differences of opinion around the Bible? And how do we learn to find common ground around something so big and important to us 21st century people, even if it was written over a span of hundreds of years, more than two thousand years ago?

That’s what we’ll explore in our next Rabbit Hole Lecture series with Pete Enns.

Pete is a world renowned biblical scholar, a best seller, and a host of the wildly successful podcast “The Bible for Normal People.” He’s lectured all over the world, and is considered one of the best thinkers in regards to the Bible.

So please join us for our upcoming RHL on May 17th, bring your questions and critiques, and get ready for an engaging and rousing evening discussing the Bible with Pete.

Doors open at 6:00. The talk begins at 6:30. Dinner included. Please email dietary restrictions to