Christ City Church Partners and Friends,

At Christ City Church, our vision and trajectory is to continually become a place for people to belong and a place for people to know God. Everything we do and are attempting to become is filtered through those two ideas.

In our attempt to become that kind of place for people, we as leaders are always asking, “Who makes up Christ City Church?” and, “Does what we practice fit within that vision?” 

Over the last two years, we have experienced several changes within our church. Every decision has been filtered through the Scriptures, built upon the traditions of the Church, and bathed in prayer. By following this protocol the leaders of Christ City have worked tirelessly to make sure we are not living and making decisions within a vacuum. With that said, the Elders of Christ City are proud and excited to announce an important change within the governance of the church. 

Christ City Church was founded as a complementarian church. This means that the highest position of leadership in a church are reserved exclusively for men. In our context, these leaders are called elders and are responsible for making decisions for the church, preaching, distributing the sacraments, and providing pastor care. This understanding of leadership is founded upon Paul’s admonishing to Timothy in the New Testament, and is a common approach to leadership for churches over the last 2,000 years. We recognize this as a legitimate and biblical way to lead a church. That said, there is another way that has been recognized as just as biblical and within the traditions of the church. This is called egalitarianism. Egalitarian leadership is when men and women lead together at the highest offices of the church

Over the last several months, the elders of Christ City Church started the process of examining our leadership structure and considering what it would look like for us to shift from complementary to egalitarian. We wrestled with the Scriptures, looked to the traditions, and prayed earnestly. Over time we came to the realization that moving to an egalitarian structure of leadership would best serve our congregation moving forward. 

On March 3rd, the original elders of Christ City voted, in complete agreement, to make this move. Since then we have been in process with the Women’s Council (a board of women who served as leaders in the highest capacity for women, permitted within a complementarian model) to engraft them onto the elder board. 

We are truly excited about this decision and believe it is a faithful expression of who our church is and how we want to minister to the needs of everyone who comes to find a place to belong and know God. 

We know for many this is an exciting time and a breath of fresh air. Many have sat in our pews over the years while living with the tension that although they weren’t complementarian, they loved what God was up to in our midst and were willing to lay those theological views aside for the unity of the church.

We also recognize that by making this shift, there are some who will have a hard time adjusting to the change in governance, since their convictions lay within a complementarian view of leadership. We want you to know that our desire in this change is not to ostracize you or say your views of Scripture are not warranted. We love you and want you to find a place to belong and know God as well, and would ask that you come to us with any concerns or questions. We’d also ask that you give this time to develop and to keep in mind that our church is still the same in what you’re experiencing on Sundays and throughout the week: a people seeking to become like Jesus who recover their lives, reimagine their purpose, and refresh their world. 

We believe God is up to some pretty incredible things at Christ City Church, and we want to catch every wind in the sails, as the Holy Spirit is leading us through Scripture and the traditions of the Church. 

Thank you to everyone who is with us in this journey. We love you so much, and we promise to continue to seek the Lord and his guidance to become more and more a place for everyone to belong and a place for everyone to know God.

Grace and peace to you,

The Elders at Christ City Church