Matt & Jessie’s Story

refresh Your world


When we first came to Memphis, we didn't know anyone.


We were pregnant, first-time homeowners who had no idea what we signed up for or what was to come. At a time when we needed to be poured into, to be valued and cared for, Christ City met us.

Being part of a Story Group, women's studies, hangouts, counseling sessions and a baby dedication allowed us to feel God's love and care. What we sought was family, friends, and community; and God provided these gifts through the people of Christ City.

Christ City leaves room for God and for His Spirit. It is a place that constantly seeks to know Him more and to live in closer relationship with Him and with others. It seeks ways to refresh those who enter on Sundays and those who are outside of the sanctuary doors.

We are being refreshed and we have been given opportunity to refresh in return. Whether it is through leading Story Group, mural painting, clothes drives, kids worship or party planning, Christ City has left room for the Spirit to move through us and into the lives of those around us.

When we expressed hesitation in our ability to refresh our world, one of the pastors told us that we are not the ones who do the refreshing – it is God’s Holy Spirit who refreshes. Christ City has created a space where we are being refreshed by God’s Spirit and at the same time able to be conduits for His Spirit to refresh others.