2 Kings 5:1-15, Psalm 111, Luke 17:11-19

Jesus talks about the kingdom of God more than anything else. And as we uncover two essential elements of this kingdom, we discover that it's something all of us are really longing for, deep down. So how do we respond? What does this fascinating story about Naaman in this ancient book have to teach us today? Listen in as we discover a rich invitation!

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Habakkuk 1:1-4, 2:1-4; Psalm 37:1-10

Have you ever had to wait for God to show up? Maybe for an answered prayer, or a broken relationship, or a healing in your life?

The answer is probably “yes.”

If we can’t control when God will answer, how do we live in the space between a request and a desired result?

Listen in as we unpack this longing we all have, and seek to discover how we live in the space between.

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Psalm 91

We are all looking for help in times of trouble. We are all looking for comfort in times of despair.

Listen in as we talk through a Psalm that speaks to these needs and how we can know that God is with us, even when we doubt it the most.

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