Rabbit Hole Lectures


Rabbit Hole Lectures are conversations around theology and culture for the curious mind. 

More than ever, people are asking questions about things that have spiritual, emotional, and physical ramifications. We believe it’s part of Christ City Church’s responsibility to engage these topics with thoughtfulness and help find better solutions than what’s often offered. 

If you have a curious mind and want to go down the “rabbit hole” around different topics, then Rabbit Hole Lectures are for you. 


2019 Rabbit Hole Lectures


Nate Larkin
The “Porn Again” Life & the Need to be Known
March 1

Peter Enns
How the Bible Actually Works
May 17

Phileena Heuertz
The Heart of Christian Contemplation
August 23 | Purchase Tickets

Austin Channing Brown
Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness
November 8