Rachel’s Story

reimagine your purpose


It was over 5 years ago that I packed my belongings in East Tennessee and made my way to Memphis. The anticipation and excitement I felt leading up to the big move was palpable.

I would live in a new city, make new friends and finally start pursuing my life-long goals...so I thought. To my dismay, I quickly realized I was a recent college graduate with little to no knowledge of how to navigate life outside of being a student. However, what I knew was that I could find community and connection with God through a local church.

Immediately, I found the faith community I needed at Christ City. It was a place where I could show up week after week – whether it was a “good” or “bad” week, I knew I would be met with a warm embrace. Christ City is a home that provides space to explore God and who He has created me to be. It has been a safe space to try new ideas, pursue new passions and make mistakes along the way, yet in each season I am met with empathy, guidance, and encouragement to keep going.

In the home I have found in Christ City, I have a better understanding of the humanity of Jesus, thus my own humanity. In learning about my human nature I have identified new desires, longings and hopes. These were always inside me, but it was through the space of community and connection at Christ City that I began to uncover these passions. Reimagining my purpose has not been a linear process – it has been a process of ebb and flows, unlearning and learning, succeeding and failing. Through it all, Christ City has been a place for me to belong and know God; a resting place to call home, a place to discover who God has created me to be through recovering my life and reimagining my purpose.