Robyn and Ted’s Story

recover your life


When we first came to Christ City, we were a newly married couple dealing with active alcoholism, hurt from another church, and burnout from many years of ministry work.

At a point when newlyweds should be thriving in their relationship and enjoying every moment together, our marriage was already in serious trouble.

Not only did the pastors encourage and support us as Ted went through rehab and the early stages of sobriety, but they let both of us know early on that our service was less important than feeling loved, known, and cared for.

Thanks to the guidance and teaching we received, we have both been able to recover a healthy relationship with church leadership and service while we continue to build a sober, loving, and trusting marriage built on God's love and His word. The pastors and elders continue to pray with us through the difficult times and celebrate our blessings. 

Letting God do the correction and provide the necessary relationships for us to begin recovering from the past has not only given us a testimony that we love sharing, it has given us our family at Christ City and a place where we feel we belong, are known in our truth, and are loved even at our worst.