Shelby’s Story

refresh your world


Christ City Church has become such a special place for me, a place of healing and a place of growth.

I can truly say that the community and teaching at Christ City has pushed me to live out our mission to recover my life, reimagine my purpose, and refresh my world. As I’ve grown under the teaching and leadership, God has granted me the courage to refresh my world in new and different ways. I remember a sermon a while back where the message was given, “Rather than complaining about all the ways that Christ City isn’t a perfect church, do your part to shape this community into what you want it to be.” (Pardon my paraphrase, Robbyn!) Ever since, if I’ve felt a nag in my heart about something that I didn’t love at Christ City, I’ve remembered that sermon, and the Spirit has prompted me to take action in a few ways.

One of the hardest things for me at Christ City in the past has been finding fellowship with other women. I wanted to meet more women at Christ City and have meaningful conversations, but I didn’t see a place for that. After some prayer and conviction, I started a book club for women on topics surrounding shalom (after a compelling sermon by Drew about living out shalom!). The book club has allowed me to create beautiful friendships with several women at Christ City that I didn’t know before. It has been such a gift to share my table and my heart with these women. Shortly after starting book club, I had the opportunity to talk with Drew about why I started the book club and my desire for more female fellowship at Christ City. I expressed at longing for a Women’s Retreat, and he connected me with other women at Christ City with the same desire and empowered us all to make our dream into a reality. 

Other ways that Christ City has encouraged me to refresh my world is through leading a Story Group and joining the Mercy & Justice Team. I was nervous to do both—I didn’t feel experienced or “holy” enough. But leaders at Christ City reminded me that leading a Story Group was more about providing a space to be known and not about having it all together. Further, participating on the Mercy & Justice Team has given me such assurance in my calling to love mercy and seek justice. This team has stretched me in ways that I never expected, challenging me to move beyond just talking about shalom and actually living it. In so many ways, Christ City has empowered me to do just that—living out the calling of Jesus Christ and letting my life be transformed by his.