Of First Importance (Pursue Justice)

I Corinthians 15:1-11

He is risen! He is risen, indeed!

Resurrection tells us the world has changed and we are invited to be a part of it all and help usher in all that is true about God to a world hurting. Something was opened up and unleashed on Easter...something big and life-changing...something true and of first importance. 

Listen in as we unpack the “of first importance” of the resurrection, and the life-long pursuit it puts us on, in the world. 

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Paradise Now (Show Mercy)

Luke 23:32-43

During his last hours Jesus was not consumed with rage and resentment but was instead found so full of mercy and compassion he could listen to and see the two men next to him who shared his fate-a criminal's death on a cross. One hurled insults, the other asked for mercy. Jesus gave immediately to the one who asked. What kind of man (God) is this who bestows mercy so freely in the midst of such intense, undeserved suffering? How can we ask for, and receive, this mercy from the suffering savior? 

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Create Beauty

Genesis 1:26-31

In a world looking for beauty to behold, Scripture tells us humans are the best chance at meeting those needs. And though we've seen much beauty come from humanity, we can point to countless ruins where we've not sought to create true and lasting beauty, but something to simply suffice our momentary impulses and lusts. 

At Christ City Church, we believe there's a mandate and true function to every human to make this world more whole and free and beautiful, through recognizing that we're made in the likeness of God. Listen in as we unpack this scared practice of Creating Beauty.

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Engage Culture

Esther 3:1-4:17

The story of Esther is timeless and inspiring: an orphan, minority woman who rises to a seat of power only to be faced with the dilemma of risking her meteoric rise and privilege, as she attempts to save her people. We know Ester finds the courage to confront the king and thus the cultural norms, and God uses her to bring change to her world...simply because she was willing to engage her culture.

This week we explore our 5th Practice, Engage Culture, and ask the question: what does to mean to engage the cultures we find ourself in, and seek to critique and change the things we know are not right, good, holy, and of God?

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Embrace Diversity

Galatians 2:11-14

Like the early church, Christ City desires to practice ‘embracing diversity.’ But this practice is never easy. This story in Galatians 2 exposes how hard this practice was for the early Church, and it won’t be easy for us either. In fact, if our embracing diversity is easy, are we really embracing the sort of diversity that honors God and honors others? Listen in as we wrestle with this question.

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Cultivate Spirituality

2 Peter 1:3-9

In most expressions of Christianity belief and faith are highly valued. This is good since both are essential to following Jesus and living in Christian community.  Yet a breakdown can occur when we fail to realize that living this life of faith is not merely an act of will power or change in attitude but requires careful and ongoing cultivation of our spirituality. Listen in as we look at the importance of practicing this cultivation as people made in the image of God and filled with his Spirit.

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Seek Health

Mark 12:28-34

There’s a stigma in the church that any kind of self-love is wrong. Even if it’s not explicitly said, it’s seemingly inferred when we think of Jesus telling his followers to “denying yourself.” 

But a closer look at Jesus’ teachings tells us something different. 

Listen in as we explore what it means to love yourself well and seek health, and how that’s the only true path to offering something more to the world around us. 

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Choose Presence

Matthew 9:18-38

When we read and talk about how interactive and insightful Jesus was with people wherever he went, we tend to attribute it to his divinity. But what if it was his humanity that allowed him to see and have compassion for so many people? 

What if Jesus was the most present human who ever lived? And if we want to follow after him, what does it mean to seek that kind of awareness and choose to be a present people?

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An Invitation to Participation

Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21

Jesus invites us to participate... to engage life with practices that aim our heart at that which will ultimately bring life and flourishing. Jesus doesn't invite us to merely believe in the Living Water, he invites us to drink deeply and quench our thirst. Listen in to this special Ash Wednesday sermon as we reflect on the invitation of Jesus and also look forward to our new sermon series: The 8 Practices.

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