The Greatest Blues Line

Matthew 27:24-50

We all know what it’s like to feel lonely. We know that it can sometimes feel akin to doubt. Doubt in ourselves, in others and in God. Jesus in his full humanity has felt that too. As he hung on the cross and cried out to his Father asking why he had "been forsaken" he understood both loneliness and doubt. Join us as we ponder the power of this moment on Good Friday.

Et tu, Brute?

Matthew 26:47-56

One of the most infamous stories in the Bible is Judas betraying Jesus with a kiss. Deceit and betrayal from those we love and trust are themes throughout literature, because it's one of the most basic human experiences. Join us as we look at how Jesus responds to this, and the hope he can give us.

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A Lamenting King

Luke 19:28-44

In this passage we encounter a publicly lamenting Jesus. When we really consider the scene, it makes us uncomfortable. Isn't an important public (even royal!) figure supposed to "maintain his composure"? To "keep it together"? But what if Jesus and other ancient Hebrew people have some important to teach us about what it means to be human? Something that we as modern people might be missing out on?

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Don’t Get Mad, Get Angry

John 11:32-44

Pop psychology, religious leaders, and books have told us that being angry will only lead to bitterness and death. Jesus believed being angry would lead you to passion and life. Listen in as we try to reconcile these different understandings and watch Jesus as he models what healthy anger looks like and how it can bring change.

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A Poor Jesus

Matthew 8:18-22

Never before in history has the modern church been more out of touch with the simple fact that Jesus was a poor man. We live as the most privileged people in the most privileged country in the history of the world. So what do we do with that? And what can the poverty of Jesus teach us? Listen in as we explore this and more.

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The Compassion of Jesus

Luke 7:11-17

True compassion takes us to truly painful places. This week we look at an amazing story that highlights the true compassion of Jesus and his willingness to enter into the pain. There's a lot of encouragement for us in this story, but there are also important lessons for us to learn about what it means to be truly compassionate people.

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What a Friend We Have in Jesus

John 15:12-17

Everyone needs a good friend even... Jesus? As we continue our series on the humanity of Jesus we stop to consider the fact that the one whom we call God, LORD, Christ and Savior also needed friends and was a friend to those around him. Listen in as we consider the implications of this reality on our relationships with God and others.

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The Hunger of Jesus

Matthew 4:1-11

As we begin both the Lenten season and a new sermon series called "The Humanity of Jesus," we encounter a familiar but strange passage about Jesus's meeting with the devil in the wilderness. As we examine the ways in which Jesus operates, we discover some important fundamental realities about our humanity, and an important way we miss out on living fully as humans. Listen in to find out how you can experience God in deeper ways this Lent.

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