Vision & Mission

The Foundation of Christ city church

The vision and mission of Christ City shapes everything we do. They tell us where we’re going (vision), and how we plan to get there (mission).

Our vision

A place to belong. A place to know God.


This means we think everyone can belong before they believe. It means we’re making space for people to bring their vulnerable and true selves and join a community of people seeking to do the same. At our core we believe that community and connection happen best in the soil of transparency and vulnerability.

This also means we firmly believe that humans were made to be in relationship with their Creator. We believe God wants his people to know him through the reality of Jesus Christ and the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit. In God’s time, we believe the more we make space for people to belong, the better chance they have to believe in a God who loves them.

Our Mission

Becoming followers of Jesus who recover their lives, reimagine their purpose, and refresh their world.


Let’s start with the first word “becoming.” Life is a process and growing up takes time. The same is true for us. We’re always “becoming” one thing or another -- more gracious and loving, or more hard and cynical. We believe following Jesus and becoming his disciples isn’t a one-time event, but an everyday decision.

“...who recover their lives…”

In Matthew 11:28-30, Jesus tells those who want to follow him to come to him in their most down-and-out moments, and he’ll help them find the real rest they’re looking for – they’ll recover their lives. To us, this means exactly what it says – the hardships of life and debilitating circumstances we all face tend to push and grind us down, and in those hard times we are invited to come to Jesus and let him give us the true rest our souls crave.

“...reimagine their purpose…”

Starting in Matthew 5 and going through chapter 7, Jesus gives a series of messages that, when read and meditated on, have shown the ability over the last 2,000 years to inspire people to reimagine what a life under the lordship of Jesus could look like. When Jesus calls his followers to be “lights in the world” and “cities on hills” he’s asking them to be so inspired by who he is and what he offers that we reimagine our purpose in this world...and in turn inspire those around us.

“...refresh their world…”

The book of Acts tells the story of the followers of Jesus after his ascension and the intentionality (through the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit) they lived with wherever they went. In Acts 3, we read about Peter giving an inspiring message telling us that you can’t renew the world (that’s what Jesus will do when he returns), but you can jump in on moments of refreshment and, in turn, become “moments of refreshment” when you go into all the world.

All these parts -- the vision and mission -- of Christ City Church lead us on a particular journey we’re excited to go on together…

Belong to community.
Believe in God.
Become like Christ.

The Pendulum

Interested in hearing more? Learn more about how we’re embodying our vision and mission in Memphis by attending an upcoming Discover Partnership class. Or check out this sermon series on our vision and mission.