Pursue Justice


We desire to be a people who run to the needs of the marginalized and disinherited and brings concrete love and advocacy wherever possible (Micah 6:8; Deut 16:20; Luke 18:1-8). The Bible is a story of disinherited people being saved from evil and unjust powers of the day. It is first for those who live in injustice to be given hope; it is then for those who have the power to do something about the evils of their day and give others hope. Jesus gives the blueprint through his life, death,  and resurrection, then tells us greater things we’ll do than he ever did. We are called to be a people who give their world hope through a Jesus of justice.


Putting it into practice

Learn more about getting involved in Christ City’s local mercy and justice initiatives.

Can you remember a time when someone didn’t stick up for you when you needed them to? What did that feel like? Have you ever talked to God and others about that experience? Can you connect that experience with the importance of pursuing justice for others who need someone to act on their behalf?

Read Isaiah 58 in a group. First, reflect on what justice looked like to the prophet Isaiah then try to imagine how that would translate to the city of Memphis – your work, political involvement, how you spend your money, where you choose to bank, eat, play etc. Pick one thing you could do differently to add another “drop of justice” into the world.

Ways to Pursue Justice

  • Consider joining the Mercy & Justice Cohort (email Rachel for details).

  • Pick a topic to get informed about to see how you can act such as: local politics, juvenile detention, public education, homelessness, veteran affairs, police brutality, etc.

  • Become a champion at Advance Memphis.

  • Participate in a training opportunity with the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center.

  • Mentor a youth at JIFF.

  • Support black-owned businesses.  

  • Eat at minority-owned restaurants.

  • Walk, car pool, or use public transportation when possible.

  • Research how to live sustainably. Start with this list of sustainable living tips by Becky Carter.

  • Buy only ethical goods for one week. Here's a list to help you.