As we continue to journey through the book of Acts, we see the church increasingly persecuted and pushed out of their comfort zones to the margins where Jesus is not-yet-known. Up until this point, Jesus was for Jews. But no longer. Jesus is for the Gentiles. Jesus is for the downtrodden, the bad folks, the fakers, the religious, and everyone in between. The good news of Jesus was always meant for people on the margins -- for you and me.

Jesus for the Fakers

Acts 8:4-25

Have you ever felt like a faker? That you were hoping you could figure it out before everyone realized just how much you didn’t get it? Being confronted with the gospel of Jesus can expose our attempts to be something we are not while also offering a strange freedom to give up trying. What is the means of this freedom? Can it be for a faker like you and me? Listen in to join the conversation.

Jesus for the Outsider

Acts 8:26-40

This week we encounter the first non-Jewish convert to Christianity, and he's not at all who the early church was expecting. He's just as surprising and relevant in our twenty-first century world. Listen in as we reflect on the good news that Jesus is for the outsider.